Chef’s Kitchen Tips

Tip #1

‘Tis The Season

To season your food! Salt and pepper are the two most important ingredients in your kitchen, don’t forget to use them. Many foods (e.g.- steak, eggs, pasta) will never taste the same if you season after cooking.

I prefer a nice coarse kosher salt, like Diamond Crystal (crystalline) or Morton’s (flaky). Buy a grinder for your black pepper, as pre-ground pepper loses it’s flavor quickly.

Tip #43

The Herb Saver

Fresh herbs last longer when kept dry. Wrap your herbs in a clean towel before bagging and placing in the fridge. Can extend the life of herbs like parsley, mint, rosemary or cilantro for days or weeks.

Tip #22

Buy a Good Knife

There is no more important tool in your kitchen. Invest in a good, sturdy chef knife that will hold it’s edge. Make sure it feels good in your hand before purchasing and you will be amazed at how much easier every meal you cook becomes.

If you happen to be based in/near NYC, I can highly recommend Korin downtown for their knowledgeable staff, fantastic Japanese steel & hands-on sharpening services.